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On Sunday, my blog was visited by Don Charisma.  I don’t know what brought him to my blog site but he became a follower so I returned the favour and visited his site.  He had the most amazing photo on his blog of an old sailing ship which appeared to be on the roof of . . .  I don’t know — a restaurant, maybe?  He had a place to email him so I did just that and asked about the photo.  You have to see this site.

One of the Royal Museums, Greenwich, UK, this is the Cutty Sark (or partially as a good deal of it was destroyed by fire), a clipper tea ship of the British fleet, “the last and greatest of her time”.  This spectacular building was created by Grimshaw Architects on King William Walk, in Greenwich, London, England.  The ship has been raised over 3 metres high so that it appears to be at sea on the roof of a modern building.  Visitors enter underneath the ship for a unique view of this classic clipper.  They get to walk up into the ship, take a tour, steer a course on a virtual screen, and travel to a different time.

Cutty Sark theatre harpist Glenda Allaway The hold of the ship contains tea chests, artifacts and other memorabilia during the day but, at night, converts miraculously into a studio theatre where you can have a wide range of experiences from a production of Diana Rigg’s best selling book, NO TURN UNSTONED, to music by Anna Noakes and Gabriella Dall’Olio (flute and harp) titled Toward the Sea which will be presented on Nov. 1st and will take you on a musical journey on board Cutty Sark.

Apparently, this project was quite controversial in the UK with everyone and their blog giving their two cents’ worth.  If you want another perspective about this museum you can link here to the blog of Andrew Gilligan, senior reporter for the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, read his article, and scan through comments by the general public.  Never having been through the original Cutty Sark experience, I find it hard to see their problem.  I think the architects are to be congratulated on creating a totally unique and attractive landmark on the London skyscape.

On the official website for Royal Museums, Greenwich, UK, you can watch a video which will give you a glimpse of the various parts of the ship and you can listen to the enthusiastic comments of various visitors, old and young, about their experience on board.  You can enjoy the Even Keel Café and a gift shop beneath the ship.  I can’t imagine visiting London and not taking in this incredible structure.  There are lots of amazing photos of this architectural triumph at sneakhype.com or just do a Google search for Cutty Sark, London, England.  Incredible!!

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