MacLean’s Gets It Right, This Time

MACLEAN’S Special Issue

Yeah!  This time, MacLean’s got it right.  Their Special Issue: The Untold Stories presents the horrific events that stunned our nation on Oct. 22nd in the words of the eye witnesses at the Cenotaph, on the Hill, and in the Committee Rooms.  It tells the story of the last moments of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo while 3 passersby, having set aside their own panic, worked to stabilize the young reservist while awaiting the ambulance.  It tells the story of thousands who came to the candlelight vigil at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the thousands more who attended the funeral in Hamilton where Nathan’s 5-year-old son, Marcus, wore the Argylls’ regimental cap to honour his father.

There are articles about the shooter, the uniform and its symbolism, the political debate, the sudden change in how we view our military, and an extremely thoughtful editorial about not losing what is fundamental to Canada.  It is a sober, somber look at the radicalism that threatens our peace and safety and the puzzlement over how we can protect ourselves from such threats.

The only thing that detracts from this “special issue” is the fact that other not-so-special events are included:  John Tory being resurrected as mayor of Toronto, U.S. midterm elections, Jian Ghomeshi and the sex scandal, and letters to the editor, all things that could have waited a week.  This week we celebrated Remembrance Day!  Along with remembering 2 world wars, Korea, Afghanistan, and peace-keeping missions around the world, we’re remembering Oct. 22nd and Cpl. Cirillo.  You don’t juxtapose that beside that which is trivial in comparison.


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