Stargate SG1

SG-1-S8-Cast-1024x840After finally taking the cellophane off Stargate the movie and watching it, I began watching the series, Stargate SG1, from the beginning.  I was really impressed with the continuity between the two.  The series pretty much picks up where the movie left off and several of the characters remain the same.  While the actors are almost all different, the new Daniel Jackson (played by Michael Shanks) looks and sounds very much like the one in the movie (played by James Spader).  Alexis Cruz played Skaara in both movie and TV series; he was in 11 episodes, starting with the pilot, Children of the Gods.

From the opening scene, this episode is action-packed.  Ra and his guards come through the gate to Stargate Earth where 4 guards are playing poker because no-one ever comes there except them.  The female guard is captured the others are killed before General Hammond and reinforcements arrive.  Hammond and Ra lock eyes, then Ra’s eyes glow and they retreat back through the gate.  One of their officers is left behind, dead, along with his weapon.  Then the opening credits role and we meet up with Col. Jack O’Neil, retired, this time played by Richard Dean Anderson.  The action doesn’t stop.  A new team is put together which includes a new member, scientist Captain Sam Ryan, the only female member of the team.  And the series is launched.

Teal'c -- Christopher Judge

Teal’c — Christopher Judge

SG1 goes through the gate to Abydos to find out where Ra came from.  Together, Sam and Daniel determine that there are more gates than the one on Earth and the one on Abydos.  Ra and his raiders come through the Abydos gate.  Skaara and Sha’uri are kidnapped and Daniel leaves with the team to try to find them and Ra.  They first, return to earth and then set off.  Ra is looking for more hosts for himself and his mate.  This is where we’re introduced to Tea’lc, a member of the Goa’uld whose goal is to rule the universe.

This is only a brief introduction to the series, but if you liked R.D. Anderson as MacGyver, and you liked the movie, Stargate, you will love this series.  It’s amazing.



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