Fury, a review

Fury takes place in Germany during WWII, 1945, as the Allies were closing in to end the war.  Brad Pitt plays a tank commander, Don “Wardaddy” Collier, part of a 5-man team he has promised to bring through the war safely.  But as the movie opens, we see a battlefield strewn with the carnage of war.  Wardaddy’s tank is being repaired from the inside and one of his men is dead.  No-one is in a good mood.  While Wardaddy ambushes a German officer riding through the battlefield, he gently removes the saddle and briddle from the horse and sets it free.  They get the tank going, arrive back at camp, and the replacement they’re handed is a totally green clerk/typist, Norman Ellison (played by Logan Lerman), just arrived at the front lines.

Wardaddy is determined to bring the war to a close; he will kill ever German soldier he finds and is suspicious of German civilians as well.  They have fought in Africa, fought in France, and now, they’re fighting in Germany.  The closer they get to Berlin, the more fiercely they fight and the more deadly their enemy.  There are allied troops pinned down by the stronger, superior German tanks, and Wardaddy leads his group of tanks in to rescue them.

A tender moment in an otherwise violent movie.

A tender moment in an otherwise violent movie.

On the way, one of the tanks is taken out by a very young German soldier Ellison had had in his sights but hesitated to shoot because he was “just a kid”.  Once the rescue is effected, Wardaddy gives Ellison a harsh lesson in reality, forcing him to shoot a captured German soldier.  But Wardaddy is not one-sided.  He is physically ill (though not in front of his team) when he loses a man, cares about each of them, and protects them, making sure they have what they need to survive.

BradPitt-LoganLermanEllison is a Christian and quickly learns that another man on the team, Boyd “Bible” Swan (played by Shia LaBeouf ), is as well.  Some rather philosophical discussions take place. But one of the other members of the team, Grady “Coon-Ass” Travis (played by Jon Bernthal) is . . .  well, his name probably says it all.  He’s a pretty rough character determined to give Ellison a hard time.

They have two more missions, the last their most dangerous.  They are the sole remaining tank of four charged with holding a crossroads against the highly skilled SS troops that can be heard singing as they march toward them to stop the allied advance.  With their imminent approach, Wardaddy tells his men to get lost and heroically prepares to man the tank alone to attempt to complete his mission.

Brutally portraying the atrocities of war, this movie leaves little to the imagination of the horrors of the aftermath of conflict.  It also shows the fierce brotherhood that develops among comrades in arms.  There is a lot of violence and foul language but perhaps that is more realistic than most of the earlier, black and white movies many of us grew up on.  Definitely an adult movie; definitely worth seeing. * * * *


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