Seven Letters from Paris: A Memoir

This true story by Samantha Vérant tears along in a light-hearted manner even when the narrator, Samantha, is in the throes of despair, despondent in her marriage, and at a loss for what to do to fix her life. The Seven Letters are from a young man she met in Paris 20 years earlier at a time when she was afraid to open her heart, and unable to believe that anyone could care for her so much that after a 24-hour romance, he could write such beautiful, soulful, love letters to her, Samantha.

There is a constant theme throughout the book that this is a re-telling of the story of The Princess and the Frog; and certainly, it is a fairy tale story, almost too good to be true. If I believed that all frenchmen were as romantic and loyal as Jean-Luc, I might just hop a flight to Paris. Samantha’s story is a dichotomy: on the one hand, she is trapped in a marriage with an angry man and can’t bring herself to say to him, “This is wrong, don’t treat me like this!”, and on the other hand, she had walked away from a sweet, gentle, caring man and never answered his letters. Is it possible that Sam can make the right decisions and have the courage to open a door to the past and change her future? Apparently, yes. With the help of a supportive family and friends, and the love of Jean-Luc, Sam can turn her life around, deal with the debt she’s accrued, surmount any and all roadblocks, and have a future she didn’t believe she deserved.

Bold moves are required, risk-taking, and a belief in signs, as well as the realization that she can take steps to control at least part of her life. A quick read, full of beautiful imagery, tender rebuilding of a life, and the belief that every princess can find her frog/prince! * * *

You can get Seven Letters from Paris: a Memoir from Amazon and other fine booksellers.

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