Angelic Business: #2 – Shapes of Greg

llibre-2_-ingNext Wednesday, July 15th, Angelic Business #2:  Shapes of Greg will be available online.  I received a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This story picks up right where # 1 left off.  It’s Christmas Eve and Pink’s family is about to celebrate it without Aunt Gemma due to last minute complications.  How do people celebrate Christmas?  Well, if you’re Pink’s best friends, Lorna and Sylvia, you’re spending time with your own families.  How do angels celebrate Christmas?  If you’re a fallen angel like Greg, you never have celebrated it, so being with family, exchanging gifts, and having a special meal is all foreign territory.  None-the-less, he’s game and wangles himself an invitation to the Robinson’s for their family dinner.  Much to Pink’s dismay.  She’s pretty much had it with Greg interfering in her life, floating unexpectedly outside her window, wiping her friends’ memories of things they shouldn’t be privy to, and making time stop.  She’s also now concerned that some favour will be exacted from her in exchange for his timely action to save her mother’s life.

Greg informs Pink that he is being removed from her “case” and a replacement will introduce himself to her in the near future.  New Year’s Eve finds Lorna away for a fashion work opportunity, and Pink celebrates with Sylvia who is being very secretive about a possible love interest.  She’s not giving anything away.  At school in the new year, Pink learns that her replacement demon is the new gym teacher — Dash.  He’s better looking than Greg but Pink isn’t sure she likes him any better.  And then the complications begin in earnest.

I recommend that you read book one first, although there’s enough backstory that you could read it on its own.  Like its predecessor, Shapes of Greg is a lighthearted look at how angels and demons might complicate our lives, and has lots of humour and fantasy, as well as some rather tense moments, especially when Sylvia, usually savvy and sensible, gets involved in an internet relationship, and needs Greg’s power to halt time (yes, Greg keeps popping up) to rescue Sylvia in the nick of time.  Lots of fun and the promise of more with book #3 coming up soon.  * * * *

Pre-order from Amazon and save: only $0.99 USD.

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  1. olganm says:

    Thanks so much Lorraine! I kept checking yesterday but was checking on the wrong blog! You’re a star! And thanks for all your help!


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