My review of “Adding Fire to the Fuel” by Scott Stevens

This is a thoughtful review of a book written with great insight about an addiction that ruins lives, and about how to escape it. Fischer gives you a lot of background about the author and there are links to an interview and other articles that will benefit all of us in understanding this addiction and the people who suffer from it. I hope you enjoy my Sunday reblog!



5.0 out of 5 stars“Adding Fire to the Fuel: Challenging Shame and the Stigma of Alcoholism” by Scott Stevens turns the spotlight on some very important, yet lesser known or discussed aspects of alcoholism: Shame and Stigma.
We all know some about recovery and the 12 Steps programme but we probably do not emphasize enough or know about the many ways that society and its attitudes prevent people from seeking recovery.
Be that the advertising industry that tempts people into drinking and glorifies it, or the shame of drinking or not-drinking. Blaming and prejudices.
In this brilliantly written book so much is said that rings true. I am an ex-smoker and I feel that Stevens does to alcoholism what Alan Carr did to smokers: Intellectualising the problem, educating people and using statistical data to prove his points.
I personally know of two people whose lives have been changed by Stevens’ books, one of which…

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