Mystery Monday: The Diva Runs Out of Thyme by Krista Davis

MysteryMondayMeme02Today’s murder mystery is by an author I’ve never read before.  Krista Davis has authored two series, The Paws and Claws series, and the one this book is from, The Domestic Diva series.  This is definitely a foodie mystery and is a really fun, fast read.

The Diva Runs Out of Thyme takes place at American Thanksgiving, and Sophie’s parents and sister are visiting for the holidays.  She is one of three finalists taking part in the Stupendous Stuffing Shakedown, and one of the invited celebrity contestants is her life-long archrival, Natasha who has her own community TV programme, a related website, and Sophie’s ex-husband, Mars.  DivaOfThymeHeading out to pick up groceries for the contest and the Thanksgiving feast, Sophie is approached in the parking lot by a man wanting her to take a kitten.  At first she resists but as she does her shopping, she doesn’t trust the man to wait for a home for it so on leaving the store, she looks for him in the lot.  She finds the kitten in it’s box on top of a pickup truck, then, as she turns to walk away, sees the trail of blood leading to the dumpster.  She dials 911 and when the detectives arrive, she finds that she herself is the prime suspect.

Over the next few days, the sponsor of the contest is murdered, and Sophie finds the body, her ex-husband, his mother, and Natasha, Sophie’s brother-  and sister-in-law end up at her house for Thanksgiving for dinner and her ex is poisoned (but lives), and she becomes a suspect in everything.  When a neighbour reports that the Colonel, another guest at Sophie’s dinner, was bustled into a hearse the night before, everything starts to come to a head.

KristaDavisThis was lots of fun.  Each chapter begins with a question for either Natasha, or for Sophie in her new-found role as columnist for a local paper.  While Natasha’s solutions are always full of pretension and glamour, Sophie’s are always practical and time-saving.  She prepares wonderful meals and treats, stretching what she has as the number of guests keeps increasing.  The recipes are included at the back.  The characters are just as delicious and down-to-earth.  I’m sure I’ll be reading more of Ms. Davis’ novels in the future. * * * *


It’s very easy to participate in my Mystery Monday meme.  Just post a review of your latest mystery read on your own site, and then a comment on my post with a link to yours.  Drag or copy my meme logo and add it to your post along with these few rules. Simplicity itself!  I look forward to learning about more great mysteries to add to my ever-growing list of To Be Read.


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