God’s Book of Prayers by M.A.R.

I received a free ebook copy of this book from BookLookBloggers in exchange for an honest review.

God’s Book of Prayers is an organized collection of all the prayers in the Bible with only a few exceptions.  M.A.R. states that only those prayers prayed to God in the first or second person are included so, for instance, much of what the apostle Paul says about prayer which aren’t being said directly to God are not included.  Some prayers said by our Lord would seem to make sense exclusively for His use.  Some prayers are not categorized such as those in the Psalms that seem to display the vindictiveness of man.  Otherwise, prayers are in one of 9 categories: blessings, confession, prayers for insight, petition, praise, response, statement prayers, prayers of thanks, and prayers of worship, and are placed chronologically within those categories.

M.A.R. begins by introducing us to the concept of praying words that are inspired and authorized by Him, the value of doing so, and how our blessings are multiplied by meditating on the words of God’s prayers.  He gives examples, quotes well-known authorities, and explains how to use this book as well as the larger, more complete (in that it includes a concordance) version, and includes pie charts and bar graphs to show what percentage each of the categories occupies in the Bible.  This book grew out of his own desire to use the scriptures, God’s own words, to pray.

I chose this book to read and review because I was doing a Bible study at my church about using the scriptures to pray called Purposeful Prayer, and I felt this book, having the prayers from the Bible already written apart from the rest of the Bible, would be handy to use, search, and pray.  I was partly right.  In one respect I found it easy to search for words in the ebook but I found it awkward when I wanted to find the different prayer in a categories — just not as easy to find the section as using a hard copy/paperback.  I ended up buying the paperback version, which I do find easier to flip through, find the section I want more quickly, but of course, can’t search for individual words.

I think I’ll end up using both depending on the circumstances.  I love the quotes M.A.R. uses and some of the arguments he makes for using the scriptures to connect with God.  It may turn out to be more of a reference book but I think its true value will be using it as it was intended: to pray the words “mined from The Book that He Himself authorized and wrote”. * * * *


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