31 Days Meditating on the Majesty of Jesus by Jack Hayford and Dick Eastman

HayfordEstmanMajestyI’ve had this book for quite awhile, since well before I retired, back when I had difficulty sticking to a regular time of devotions on a daily basis.  Sometimes I still have difficulty but I do better now.  I had immediately recognized the name Jack Hayford which I always connect with the word “majesty” because of the hymn he wrote called “Majesty”; it is one of my favourite pieces of music to hear or sing.

So I had bought the book, and I know I only read the Foreward, Introduction, and the first three days because that’s how far the highlighting had gone when I picked it up again a month ago.  I started back at the beginning.  This time, I’ve done much better.  Also, I think I appreciate it more.

Jack Hayford

Jack Hayford

Each day’s devotional in this book highlights one of the many names given to Jesus in the Bible — King of Glory, My Rock of Protection, Wonderful Counsellor, Morning Light, etc.  Each day begins with the quotation of the verse where this name is found and then an illustration or ‘parable’, if you will.  The remaining part is divided into 4 parts:  Knowing His Name, Living His Name, Praying His Name, and Today’s Prayer.  Then there is a place for you to make notes for yourself.  The exploration of the meanings of each of the names is in depth — looking at the Hebrew, the Greek, the usage in other parts of the Bible — and yet it is concise and clear without being overwhelming or oversimplified.  Living His Name explains how to apply these meanings to having a fuller life as God has intended.  The last two parts are pretty much self-explanatory.  There’s also a place to make notes.


Dick Eastman

I’m sure that I will be going back and rereading these from time to time because there is just so much there.  There is an additional list of names for Jesus in the appendix with their book, chapter, and verse.  I ended up making a little data base to organize all the names so that I can search them by book, name, or a category I designated to each to find them quickly on the computer when I don’t have the book handy so you can tell I got quite excited about what I was learning from this book.

I know I’m a long way from being able to apply everything here but it is such a meaningful book with the message of how we can be affected by His eternal character, how He has revealed to us His desire to give us comfort, insight, stability, confidence, and more.  This is an incredibly worthwhile book.  Anyone who wishes to have a book to follow for daily devotions, a book to help them learn and grow according to the Word, would find this book most useful. * * * * *


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