The Red Door Inn by Liz Johnson

I received a free copy of this book from Revel Books through Book Look Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

RedDoorInnThis is the first book in a new series by Liz Johnson called Prince Edward Island Dreams.  The Red Door Inn was the dream of Jack Sloane’s late wife Rose and he thinks he’s found the perfect town and the perfect house to make the dream a reality.  Two young people come into Jack’s life: his nephew Seth and Marie Carrington, a waif-like young woman who clearly does not even have enough money to take the ferry to Prince Edward Island.  Bit by bit, Jack pulls Marie into his B & B dream.  What does he know about colours?  or how to make a room homey?  He offers her a job and gives her the basement apartment — the one promised to the chef who will arrive in just a few months in time for the opening of The Red Door Inn.

But Seth and Marie are both running from their disillusioning pasts.  They bristle whenever they come near each other and despite the fact that Marie loves pulling Jack and Rose’s dream together, she’s biding her time and planning to run.  Seth is trying to protect his uncle from Marie — he’s convinced she’s pulling some kind of a con.  The only hitch in Marie’s plan is that the simple, sincere folk on the Island — Jack, the antique dealer Aretha, Father Chuck, the baker’s daughter Caden, and even Seth — are worming their way into her heart.  If only she could trust God — because if he’s the kind of father her own father has been to her, she’s certain she can’t, but if he’s like Jack, who is gradually becoming a father figure to her, than maybe she can.  Maybe she can stay.

LizjohnsonWhile Marie is trying to erase the memory of a dreadful assault, Seth realizes she is hurting but still has trouble trusting her.  Aretha can see that they’re drawn to each other, and meanwhile, she has taken a deep interest in Jack.  An untimely flood in the kitchen, the broken promise of a New York chef, and the close deadline to open in time for tourist bookings bring a touch of suspense as well as the hope of romance for the people of this tiny village in picturesque P.E.I.  Not only was this an interesting plot, but I loved all the decorating ideas and the way Marie wove themes of the island into the various rooms for tourists.  It’s also a bit of a foodie book.  The first book in a series about P.E.I., this was a delightful beginning that whet my appetite for the next one.  * * * *


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