Kissed By A Cowboy by Debra Clopton

I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing through Book Look Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

Kissed by a Cowboy is the third and final book in the Four of Hearts Ranch Romance trilogy about the three Monahan boys, Jarrod, Tru, and Bo.  This book features Jarrod, the most serious of the young men, and how he is smitten by the red-haired firebrand, Cassidy, who returns to claim the land next door to the Four of Hearts Ranch, a house and apple orchard left to her by her Aunt Roxy.

Cassidy’s reunion with Jarrod is off to a rocky start when, arriving to take up where her Aunt left off, Cassidy’s truck battery dies, her phone needs to be charged, and there’s no key under a flowerpot anywhere to be found.  How embarrassing for her, that when Jarrod comes to investigate the strange lights and sounds, he finds her stuck halfway through the doggie door of the back porch.  Cassidy is determined after her devastating marriage and divorce to make it on her own — start a B & B, sell strawberries, and do her best to ignore hunky Jarrod Monahan next door.  What she doesn’t know is that she is the love of his life who got away once and he’s determined not to let it happen again.

This is a fun, romantic read, full of misunderstandings, the sensitive handling of Pops (the boys’ grandfather who has Alzheimers), a huge barn of antiques and junk to clear out,  rustlers prepared to take no prisoners, and townsfolk who are prepared to stir romantic waters not only for Cassidy and Jarrod but for Pebble and Rand who we met in the first two books of the series.  Here’s a sample of some of the action:

Jarrod stepped out from behind the trailer and Cassidy wanted to run and tackle him.  He had a rifle pointed at the two men on the left of her and a revolver pointed at Beady Eyes.  There was no softness in Jarrod as he leveled his gaze on them.  He looked like Matthew Quigley from her favourite western.  p. 286

61IfK5uOkmL._UX250_This book is well-written, realistic (romance does happen, you know), and full of lots of interesting law enforcement strategies for catching those rustlers red-handed.  It is about people who put their trust in God without it being preachy.  There’s nothing you can’t enjoy in this western romance.  You’ll want to check out other western books by author Debra Clopton. * * * *

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