Eye in the Sky (2015), a movie review

eye-in-the-sky-poster-lgEye in the Sky is an amazing movie on many levels.  Starring Helen Mirren as a British colonel leading an international team of anti-terrorist squads, the colonel faces a number of unknown quantities in pursuit of their mission:  to hunt down and capture two American and one British rogue citizens who have become Al-Shaabab terrorists responsible for explosions that impacted a huge number of civilians.  Using drone warfare and satellite and on-the-ground-intel, complications keep the team improvising changes until finally, the soldier with his finger on the trigger refuses to press it because an innocent little girl selling her mother’s bread in the market is in the range of collateral damage.


What the eye in the sky sees!

This movie is taut and explores the moral issues of remote warfare, decisions that must be made within an incredibly compact time frame, and the wide range of political and legal attitudes that may or may not govern those decisions.  Some of the people involved in the decision-making are not serious-minded people considering the consequences of their response, while others hesitate, perhaps too long, in weighing life and death decisions.

main-qimg-ce7cafb498298a1c23ba887e09f4b087-cUsing a tiny drone, an undercover agent disguised as a market vendor spies on the house where he thinks the subjects of his mission are meeting.  He must constantly improvise to keep his activities hidden from the bustling and curious people surrounding him and to keep from being discovered by the roving soldiers at various checkpoints.

GirlYou will be captivated by the young Kenyan girl, daughter of liberated parents who secretly allow her the freedom to play and dress against the rules within their own compound and are educating her in reading and math.  You will be holding your breath waiting to see what happens next as danger revolves everywhere around her in a mission of somewhat dubious merit.  The tension is palpable, the acting excellent, the scenery superb, and the moral questions will haunt you long after the credits roll.  * * * * *

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