Miriam by Mesu Andrews

miriamMiriam, sister of Moses and Aaron, slave, herbalist, midwife, and prophetess is 86 years old and has experienced a close relationship with her El Shaddai.  He speaks to her in dreams, His voice is on the wind, and she revels in their close relationship and the peace He brings to her mind.  When Pharaoh sends for her to interpret his dreams, she doesn’t fear, she rests in the strength in her El Shaddai and the knowledge that her life is in His hands.  Her interpretation saves the life of the young supplicant brought before Pharaoh ahead of her but Ramesses’ anger causes him to order her leg broken as that of his son who fell while in the girl’s charge.  Miriam’s nephew, Eleazar, warrior servant of Prince Ram, carries the girl to their house where Miriam tends her and keeps her safe.

Miriam’s parents are well over 100 years old and her nephews, Eleazar and Ithamar grew up with her and her Abba and Ima but they do not know El Shaddai or believe in him.  All of their worlds are rocked when Miriam’s visions and closeness to El Shaddai wane and Moses returns with a mission from their God and a new name for him, Yahweh.  Miriam’s heart goes through many emotions — emptiness, loss of faith, uncertainty, wonder, and even jealousy.  When the plagues begin and her parents die, will her loss and confusion overcome her faith in her God?

Mesu Andrews has done a lot of research into the life and times of the Hebrew slavery in Egypt to come up with a plausible view of Miriam, acknowledged by the Old Testament as a prophetess and yet a woman of whom very little is written — a total of 5 verses mention her.  This is a love story — the story of Miriam’s love for her God, her God’s love for Israel, and the finally requited love Miriam has for Hur in the twilight of her life.  It recounts vividly the power of God displayed in the plagues, the first three of which attack everyone indiscriminately, while the last seven display God’s tender protection of His people.  mesuandrewsWe see Moses returned to his family, a reluctant ambassador, his brother’s envy as Moses’ confidence gains, and the flagging faith of the Hebrew slaves as they sit hemmed in by the sea, the mountains, and Pharaoh’s approaching army.  It is a story of faith and courage — faith in the One True God and courage to follow where He leads.  It is a thoroughly enjoyable and revealing novel, part of her Treasures of the Nile series.  I’m looking forward to other books by Mesu Andrews. * * * * *

To read the opening of the Prologue and a teaser from the novel, click here.


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