Where Two Hearts Meet by Liz Johnson

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, Revell Books, in exchange for an honest review.

wheretwoheartsmeetWhere Two Hearts Meet is the second novel in Liz Johnson’s Prince Edward Island Dreams series.  The first book, The Red Door Inn, was reviewed by me last March and when I saw this one, I couldn’t wait to read it; I devoured it in one day.  And ‘devoured’ is the appropriate word since the main character, Caden Holt, is chef at the B & B featured in the first book, the Red Door Inn, and her specialty is breakfast sweets and treats for the guests of the Inn.  This book can stand alone but I recommend that you start with the first book in the series to have the full background of all the characters; it will make it a much richer experience for you.

There are several intertwining plot lines in this foodie romance that takes place on the red dirt island of Anne of Green Gables.  Caden discovers that the Inn is in trouble.  Her boss, Marie Carrington Sloane, is being sued by her wealthy father to gain control of a trust fund left to her by her mother.  Meanwhile, the lawsuit has the money tied up, the Inn needs a new roof, and there are empty rooms over the summer that won’t pay the incoming bills.

The good news is that Marie has heard from a friend that the Inn is one of the finalists to be reviewed for the immensely popular travel magazine, Rest & Retreats, spring edition, that could be the solution to all their problems.  The bad news is that Marie and Caden decide the undercover columnist for the magazine must be the handsome Adam Jacobs who arrived a day earlier than his reservation and was put in a basement apartment on a roll-away called the Taco Bed.  Not a good beginning.  Caden hopes to help the Inn by winning first place in this year’s Island Lobster Bake-Off but her nemesis, Bethany Burke, a properly-trained chef who has had her own restaurant in Toronto, has returned to town with plans to not only win the event for the third year in a row but things she’d like Caden’s job at the Inn as well as Adam.

While a friendship begins between Caden and Adam, Caden’s self-confidence is pretty low and she’s certain that Adam would prefer Bethany.  Meanwhile, Adam has issues of his own he’s dealing with that cause him terrifying nightmares he can’t shake.  As a recovering alcoholic, Adam is trying hard to stick with his new addiction:  Caden’s coffee and treats.  His friendship with Caden and an elderly couple also staying at the Inn help him work out some of these issues but leave him in an even worse quandary which may cost him his job.

LizjohnsonThere are lots of interesting characters in this novel including several of the townsfolk introduced in the first novel but adding in a group of 5 teenagers Caden is teaching cooking basics two afternoons a week, a friend at the dairy farm Adam mistakes for a rival, the actual undercover writer who gives Caden an idea of a way to help boast the Inn’s revenues, and an unconventional celebrity chef from Toronto who comes to help judge the bake-off.  The descriptions of the breathtaking PEI scenery and the island’s small-town culture give the story its finishing touches.  This is a fast, irresistible read.  I’ll be looking forward to many more enjoyable novels from Liz Johnson.  * * * *

To read the intro paragraph and a teaser from this novel, go to this link.

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