Cozy Read Wednesday: The Christmas Cottage by Samantha Chase

cozyreadwedWe’ve had quite a bit of snow here in Ottawa the past few weeks and it’s quite put me in the mood for cozy Christmas reads.  This is the first book by Samantha Chase that I’ve read and it was definitely a quick, wintry adventure built on the romantic fairy tale history attached to a special cabin in the woods behind the Callahan ranch. The story goes that a Christmas Eve wedding followed by the honeymoon within this special ‘Christmas Cottage‘ ensures a wonderful, happy marriage.  Or so Ava believes. .

christmascottageThe last thing Ava’s best friend, Lacey Quinn, wants is to have to face Ean Callahan, Ava’s brother, after the humiliating rejection 12 years ago when she told him she loved him and he pushed her away.  She had just been 14 and Ean was heading off to college but she had a huge crush on him and even now couldn’t spark an interest in anyone else.  When she learns that Ava’s fiancé’s best man has opted out and Ean will take his place, and that the maid of honour (Lacey) and the best man traditionally have the task of preparing the family Christmas cottage for the bride and groom, Lacey is totally panicked.  Determined to get her part of it done ahead of time so she won’t have to work with Ean, she heads off to the ranch to look over the situation and get organized.  Meanwhile, Ean has been building his extremely successful business in Boston for the last 8 years and is desperate for a break.  Without telling the family, he, too, heads to the ranch for a little peace and quiet so he can determine his next challenge.  Snowstorm ensues, Ean goes to investigate the lights at the cottage, and he and Lacey become snowed in.

Back in Raleigh, Ava is finding that she and Mason aren’t on the same page as far as their future goes.  While she is totally into the family fairy tale’s promise that marrying Christmas Eve and spending the wedding night in the Christmas cottage ensures a ‘happily ever after’, she realizes that she’s making compromise after compromise about things she’s planned for and worked hard for:  her degree in library sciences, putting it to use before samanthachasehaving children, even her honeymoon destination.  Lacey wonders if they’ll make it to the altar.  Or even if they should!

Don’t want to give too much of the plot away, so suffice it to say, make some hot cocoa, curl up with a blanket in front of the fire, and enjoy a quick romantic read complete with snow, Christmas wreaths, twinkling lights, and a ‘happy ever after’!  * * * *

cozyreadwedCozy Read Wednesday is a new meme.  No list of rules — just leave a comment with a link to your Cozy Read published on Wednesday and feel free to use the Cozy Read Wednesday icon on your site.  I look forward to your recommendations.

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