The Captain Takes a Wife by Doris Durbin


I received a free ecopy of this book from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.  The Captain Takes a Wife is the first book I’ve read by Doris Durbin and is the first of a series called The Captain Chronicles, 1875 about the Reverend Harry Richardson, known by most folks as Captain Richardson.  Harry is a survivor who doesn’t normally talk about his past.  His mother died when he was young, his father turned to the bottle, he entered military college and ended up drilling soldiers when the Civil War broke out, was captured, released from prison to fight in the Indian wars, and has survived it all.

Now, embarking on a new career as a preacher, Harry literally runs into Sarah Beth (dressed in a wedding gown) on the train platform in Macon, Georgia, clearly running for her life.  His friends, who have just seen him off, are returning to give him a going away present in time to see him giving Sarah a passionate kiss and decide they’re going to join him on the train and celebrate this surprise wedding.  Only thing is, except for shaking hands with Sarah at the back of the revival tent the first night of the meetings, Harry has never met her before.  Given that many men are chasing her trying to kill her, will Harry be able to survive this latest dire circumstance?

The whole story is written as a journal and takes place over seven adventurous days.  Harry, Sarah, and their friends are in constant danger from unknown adversaries and the body count keeps rising.  They are puzzled as to what these men want from Sarah as she has seemingly little of value.  The train is heading north where Harry is expecting to meet up with a wagon train heading through the mountains to Choestoe (Cho-ee Sto-ee) where he spent his childhood and hopes to become the new circuit preacher.  They don’t know who they can trust although they meet many good people along the way who are willing to help.

dorisdurbinThis is a Christian romance novel full of wonderful detail of time and place, evoking the post-civil war era, it’s lifestyle — travel, music, religion, and carpet-bagger history.  Ms. Durbin is a retired school librarian who has lived with her husband in north Georgia since 1985.  Her interest in the history of the area, and in particular with the Logan Turnpike, was peaked when she and her husband served on a history committee with the First Baptist Church of Blairsville.  An easy and most enjoyable read.  I certainly plan on getting the second book, The Captain Seeks the Lost.  * * * *

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