On My Bookshelf: Jan. 27/17

BookshelfSmallWell, finally, an opportunity to fill you in on some new books on my bookshelf this year.  I’ve been gathering more, both in paperback and on my iPad, despite my resolution to get my TBR list whittled down to something manageable.  I think, however, I’ve picked up some gems as well as making a note of others that I’ve seen reviewed that I’ve added to my list.  These are ones I actually have or are on their way.

Mr. Churchill’s Secretary by Susan Elia MacNeal


Maggie Hope is working for newly sworn in Prime Minister Churchill.  War is raging in Europe, the Blitz is imminent, and Maggie Hope’s new position gives her clearance to the Cabinet War Room.  When Diana Snyder is murdered, a series of events go into motion that must be stopped.  Historical fiction that promises to be thoroughly engaging.

Rebuilding the Real You by Jack Hayford


This is a personal growth book by Pastor Jack Hayford, composer of the beautiful hymn “Majesty”.  He is the composer of many hymns and has written many devotional and encouraging books.  I’m looking forward to getting into this one.

Alex Rider: Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz


My great-nephew thinks I buy these books for him but I always read them first, supposedly to write a review but I just plain love them:  teenage spy thriller.

Becoming Queen (Victoria) by Kate Williams


This is an historical fiction novel about the young Princess Victoria and the plans her mother and her mother’s paramour had to rule the country with Victoria as a puppet queen and how she thwarted them.

Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine


Read about this book on Kourtni Reads and thought it might broaden my reading interests and learn more about how Fine “debunks the myth of hardwired differences between men’s and women’s brains” and does it with a sense of humour.

Men Explain Things To Me by Rebecca Solnit


This, too, was mentioned by Kourtni and it totally resonated with me.  Doesn’t it just bug the daylights out of you when some guy starts explaining something to you that is so utterly obvious you can’t decide whether to walk away or deck him?  I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy this one.

What’s On Your Bookshelf?  Leave a comment and share what you’re hoping to read next or what’s just arrived.  Thanks for stopping by.

About mysm2000

Having taught elementary school for more than 25 years and been involved in many amazing technology and curriculum projects, I find I've developed a myriad of interests based on literature I've read and music I've heard. I've followed The Wright Three to Chicago, Ansel Adams to Colorado, The Kon Tiki Expedition to Easter Island, Simon & Garfunkel lyrics to New York City, Frank Lloyd Wright to Fallingwater, Pennsylvania, and have only just begun.
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5 Responses to On My Bookshelf: Jan. 27/17

  1. Jay E. says:

    Right now the two books I’m reading are Medieval Wisdom for Modern Christians by Chris Armstrong and The Day the Revolution Began: Reconsidering the Meaning of Jesus’ Crucifixion.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yvo says:

    Great new additions! I hope you will enjoy them.


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