Cozy Read Wednesday: A Sense of Belonging by Erica James

asenseofbelongingcozyreadwedToday’s Cozy Read is a romance by Erica James:  A Sense of Belonging.  I’ve read quite a few books by Erica James in the past but haven’t read any in quite a while.  I had forgotten her wonderful descriptions setting a scene and her ability to give characters believable attributes and motivation.  This book brought it all back in spades.

Two single people and two couples, one with a child, move into the brand new exclusive homes of Cholmford Hall Mews.  Jessica is an author who we meet first on the island of Corfu where, after two years and a love affair that is going nowhere, has decided to come home to Britain.  When she first meets Josh, she thinks he’s rude — she doesn’t realize that he’s having a bad day with his newly-diagnosed disease, relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.  He never knows from one day to the next how the disease will manifest itself and is determined to be independent and shun the pity he feels from family and friends.  Kate is living with an older, recently-divorced man who doesn’t want to start a second family while Kate would dearly love to have a child of her own.  Amanda has married Tony because she sees an opportunity to climb socially while he needs help to care for his daughter after his wife’s death in an accident.  It has become quite apparent that Amanda and Hattie are never going to get along and Tony is lost and devastated.

ericajamesJames’ characters are totally 3-dimensional, full of real emotions, in real situations.  Jessica — the main character — knows her lover on Corfu is irresponsible and purely interested in the physical side of the relationship, yet despite her growing relationship with Josh, she still dreams of Gavin and finds Josh’s moody days difficult to deal with.  Amanda is a total witch that you can’t help to wait to see fall flat on her face.  No-one in the mews likes her and Kate is rather afraid of her.  Hattie has become totally attached to Kate and vice versa.  When Kate discovers she’s become pregnant, emotions start to go awry.

This is a delightful cozy read that will keep you turning the pages right to the final, The End.  * * * *


cozyreadwedCozy Read Wednesday is a recent meme.  No list of rules — just leave a comment with a link to your Cozy Read published on Wednesday, mention that Ms M is hosting the meme, and feel free to use the Cozy Read Wednesday icon on your site.  I look forward to reading your recommendations.


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2 Responses to Cozy Read Wednesday: A Sense of Belonging by Erica James

  1. mysm2000 says:

    I think you’ll really like it. Great characters! Cheers!


  2. Annika Perry says:

    Thanks for the reminder about Erica James – I used to read her all the time, this sounds a perfect holiday read. Will look out for it for Easter!

    Liked by 1 person

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