Cozy Read Wednesday: Miracle at the Higher Grounds Café by Max Lucado with Eric Newman & Candace Lee

Today’s Cozy Read, Miracle at the Higher Grounds Café, is written by Max Lucado, a New York Times best-selling author whose themes are usually based in Christian/spiritual searching, along with Eric Newman and Candace Lee.  The title has several implications and the subtitle says this is ‘A Heavenly Novel’.

This story won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.  Or should I say coffee.  Not everyone believes in guardian angels.  But if you like either version of that great Christmas movie The Bishop’s Wife you’ll probably enjoy this story — it is light-hearted, sincere, funny, poignant, and refreshing.  Got questions you’d like to ask God?  Ever thought He might answer them on His own blog?  Well, in this story He does!

Chelsea has inherited the Higher Grounds Café from her mother.  Occupying the ground floor of a Victorian house in one of San Antonio’s older neighbourhoods where the streets are lined with shady trees and the atmosphere is quiet and charming, the café is a tradition that goes back three generations.  This is a fresh start for Chelsea who has separated from her over-the-hill NFL superstar husband, Sawyer Chambers, who has been trying to compensate for his lost status with foolish investments, extravagant spending, and philandering.  So with her two young children, Hancock (12) and Emily (6), an unimpressive barista named Tim, and a general make-over for the café, Chelsea is about to re-open for business.  She expects it might be an uphill battle but little does she know how uphill it will be or how close she will come to giving up her dream.

Enter Samuel.  Samuel is an angel on his first solo mission and an ambitious plan to help Chelsea.  The catch is, Chelsea has to ask for help.  When helper Tim doesn’t show up to work one morning, enter Manny — clumsy, friendly, trustworthy, and handy at fixing the espresso machine.  Well he should be all those things — he’s an angel.  Right away, things start happening and not all of them good but Chelsea does ask for help.  She gets some help from her sister Sara and her minister husband Tony as well as from an old schoolmate, Deb, but mostly it’s Manny (Samuel) running interference for her with a host of heavenly helpers.

This is a great story, well told, and full of surprises.  The characters are believable, the blog responses right on, and God does work in mysterious ways.  A fast, thoroughly enjoyable read.  * * * *


cozyreadwedCozy Read Wednesday is a recent meme hosted by Ms. M’s Bookshelf.  No list of rules — just leave a comment with a link to your Cozy Read published on Wednesday, mention that Ms M is hosting the meme, and feel free to use the Cozy Read Wednesday icon on your site.  I look forward to reading your recommendations.

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