Princess Elizabeth’s Spy by Susan Elia MacNeal

This mystery adventure historical fiction story set in WWII is part of a series by Susan Elia MacNeal that neatly melds history into imagined events that could have been.  They involve real people — George VI, the Duke of Windsor, Sir Winston Churchill, Princess Elizabeth — and real places — Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, #10 Downing St., and Bletchley — and create captivating possibilities for people to uncover spies, become heroes, and serve their country.

MacNeal does extensive research to make her stories believable and as accurate to detail as possible from plays and pantomimes put on by the two young princesses, Margaret and Elizabeth, to the butler’s uniform right down to his buttons.  The atmosphere and tension MacNeal creates are quite believable and the stories totally realistic.

Windsor Castle

In this episode, Maggie Hope has washed out of spy school because of the physical side — in the secrets and decoding side she is brilliant.  Churchill has become aware due to a series of decoded messages and infiltration at Bletchley that there is a Nazi plot afoot to kidnap the heir to the throne, Princess Elizabeth, and supplant her father, George VI, with his abdicated brother, the Duke of Windsor — Edward VIII.  MI6 is aware that there is a spy within Windsor Castle (where the princesses did spend most of the war) and Maggie is to keep her eyes and ears open and pinpoint the danger.  After the young princesses witness the riding accident that decapitates one of her ladies in waiting, everything escalates and Maggie doesn’t know who she can trust.

I originally only bought 3 books from this series but now want to read them all in sequence so after reading the first two I’m waiting for His Majesty’s Hope where Maggie, who has been working on her physical stamina, is finally going to be sent on an undercover assignment to Berlin!  Can’t wait.   * * * * *

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