Justice Delivered by Patricia Bradley

I received a free copy of this book from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, in exchange for an honest review.

Justice Delivered is Bradley’s 4th book in her Memphis Cold Case series.  The plot features a realistic situation that is more common than most of us would like to acknowledge exists and more tragic than the outcome for the central character even though it is tragic enough.

Carly Smith used to be called Heather Morgan until a chance meeting and a broken promise landed her in the clutches of a man named Blade.  She was beaten, starved, drugged, and put in a hole when she tried to run away and used and abused as a prostitute night after night.  After her friend, Lily, died under these conditions, Jasmine as she was called in this period of her life, ran again, this time to Christian workers who helped her get her health back and start a new life with a new name, new hair colour, and new colour contact lenses.

It’s been two years since her escape and Carly is ready, finally, to reach out to her sister Lia.  With the fear and trepidation that because of her past she will be rejected, she makes the call and arranges the meet.  She trusts no-one, especially not police but her sister genuinely wants her sister back.  Later that night, her sister is murdered, causing Carly to retreat back into her new identity, afraid that Lia’s death is related to Blade and the prostitution ring that could still be trying to trace her.

There is so much realism in this situation and the journey Carly has travelled that it is totally believable and hopefully wakes people up to the existence of this kind of slavery in our modern society.  It should be no surprise that Carly questions her Christian faith after all the deception and brutality she has faced.  But the love and acceptance she receives from family and the faith displayed by them when her niece is kidnapped by the same ring that is trying to get back at Carly draw her back in a deep way.

There are many twists as this plot develops and it is a compelling read — realistic, frightening, surprising, at times endearing — that takes you on a ride that challenges you as to whether you could survive this kind of trial and put your life back together again.  I’ve read the earliest book in this series but I certainly intend to read the others after reading Justice Delivered.  The suspense will keep you reading right up to the last page. * * * *

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