Welcome to The Bookshelf!

To start off, the books I’ll be talking about are not necessarily new books but ones that are favourites of mine.  Hopefully you’ll be introduced to unfamiliar authors that will become favourites of yours, too.  This will enable you to learn a bit more about my tastes and give you an idea as to whether this site will be a place you will want to visit and share your ideas as well.  I will not be writing about books I didn’t enjoy, thought poorly written, or ones with worn-out themes; my purpose is not to wittily cut up authors. The only books that will appear here will be ones I highly recommend.  You may choose to disagree as is your privilege.  Not all tastes are the same which is what keeps life interesting and bookstores busy.  From time to time I’ll also be commenting on movies and the performing arts.  I hope you will feel free to add your own comments about favourite books and movies as well.

2 Responses to About

  1. Just read and appreciated your piece on FOS & the Net but couldn’t find a comment section. Nice to meet you. Paulette


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