Art Deco


When I went to New York City last spring, I saw a lot of what I recognized as art deco in the architecture there.  I wished that I had sought out more examples of it in order to have more of my own photos of it.  Returning to my home in Ottawa, Ontario, I learned that there are many examples of art deco architecture right here in my own backyard, so to speak.  Today I made the first of what I hope will be many forays into the downtown core of Ottawa to take my own pictures of this interesting architecture and design and hence, this new page on my blog.

Here are some art deco apartment buildings on Metcalf St. near the Museum of Nature (formerly known as the Museum of Man and before that, the Victoria & Albert Museum, an interesting form of architecture in its own right; originally looked like a castle but now has a modern addition to it) between Elgin and O’Connor Sts. and MacLeod and Argyle Sts.  You may want to click on the pictures to watch them full screen to get all the detail.


Here are a few local businesses that are part of an art deco revival in Ottawa.

And the best for last, luxury condos at 320 McLeod Street, Opus:



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Now, I’m pretty much a novice at Art Deco.  I know for sure about some of these buildings because I found them online on architectural sites about Ottawa’s Art Deco but I couldn’t back up everything, so if you think I’ve got it wrong anywhere, please let me know.


4 Responses to Art Deco

  1. Mike Van says:

    I love art deco Lorrain! Open till recently I owned an apartment in Miami beach south in an old Art Deco building. South Miami Beach is full of beautifully restored Art Deco buildings. Interesting article I did not realize that there were any art deco style buildings in Ottawa.

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  2. lghiggins says:

    I am certainly not an art deco expert either, but I love the Art Deco Panel pictured above and the Deco Lettering. Your post also made me think about the video series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. The art deco architecture and fashion featured there are wonderful.

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    • mysm2000 says:

      Don’t you love those mysteries? And there’s a lot of art deco in the Poirot TV series as well and, of course, lots of examples on Pinterest. I hope come spring to get out and take more photos. Thanks for the compliment on the panel and lettering — I love that word processing programmes give us so many font choices. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

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